3 amazing sex games that can stir up a dull relationship

Sex game are not only sexy but sometimes they can save your relationship too. Couples go through a dull transition all the time. There comes a point in life when you need to change something to bring back the spice in the relationship. It is the same thing as trying a new position or a new sex toy. Sex games make you have fun in bed, allows you to be intimate with your partner and eliminates that boring feeling of having the same kind of relationship.

Here are the three best sex games you should try as soon as possible!

  1. Mouth-Mouth

This sex game involves you and your partner getting started in bed, from taking off your clothes to having an incredible orgasm and everything in between. The only condition is that everything has to be done with the mouth, yes, even taking off all the clothes. No hands can be used and nothing can be touched. Mouth-mouth is a great way to end up having and giving sizzling oral sex.

  1. Blind-folded

In this game, you and your partner toss a coin, and whoever loses gets to wear a blindfold. The other partner gets to do anything he or she wants to! Surprise your blindfolded partner with ice or ice cream, tie them up or make them scream with rough and tough sex. This sex game will have a long-lasting effect on your relationship.

  1. Shot-down

This sex game involves a lot of booze, a naked couple and a bunch of sex techniques. The idea behind this game is that each person gets to take turns with vodka or whiskey shots. After each shot, the person has to do something sex to his or her partner. The couple can start slow by kissing or by foreplay and with each shot, the intensity of the sex game can increase. The first one down after the shots loses! It’s a great way to get drunk and have incredible drunken sex with your partner.

Books below will teach you even more games:


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