3 Physical gestures that will turn you into a flirting sensation

flirtingWhen it comes to flirting, it’s not a joke for many men. Men want to be perfect at flirting or else the ladies see them as weak and unimpressive. Flirting is also not a piece of cake. Moving on to kissing and sex may be easier for some guys than flirting, believe it or not!

Here are three easy but highly effective physical flirting gestures that will help improve your flirting skills:

  1. Play with your partner’s clothes while causally talking. Flirting doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The best kind of flirting comes naturally and doesn’t make your partner or you feel awkward. Whether your partner is wearing a dress, shirt, scarf, top, make sure you physically touch it, play with it or just fix it and you can be talking to them the whole time.
  2. Notice if your partner is wearing any accessories and start fiddling with them. For instance, if they are wearing a bracelet, or a necklace or even a watch, use your hands to check the accessories out or simply fiddle with them while your partner is trying to have a conversation with you.
  3. When you have had a long enough conversation, it’s time to take the physical gestures to the next level. This simply means wait for the right time, like an hour into your conversation and make one small move; rest your head on their shoulder. This could mean anything, you could be sad, you could be tired, you could be amazed, resting your head on their shoulder will bring them closer to you so it’s worth going to that extent.

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