5 Sex Positions that Will Help You Climax

  1. Get on top!

Woman on top sex position for anal sexFor the lady who desires full control over her pleasure, from the amount of stimulation her clitoris receives, to the pace and penetration angle, this position is optimal, as it allows her to straddle him with her back towards him and her legs on either side of his hips. Bonus: she can place her hands on his chest for extra stability.

  1. Pop the hood

Uncovering the clitoral hood can do a world of good for a lady, especially if she has an attentive lover. All he’d have to do is pull it back and then offer her direct stimulation with either his fingers, or his tongue and the effect – and the expression of gratitude – will be guaranteed.

  1. Up-standing people

Sex positions. Standing sex position.Doing a strenuous physical activity while standing up doesn’t sound like it would be fun, but you’d be so wrong to think that. A little experience and working out goes a long way, as this position will be physically soliciting for both, but equally rewarding, because of the novelty, the angle of penetration and the sense of urgency that having sex standing up, leaning against a wall can give you.

  1. Keep your legs closed!

Whoever said “Keep your legs closed!”, trying to slut-shame obviously didn’t know how good sex can be with your legs closed. Starting in missionary might make it easier, after which the woman can proceed to move her legs in between his for an extra-intense sensation and powerful stimulation of the clitoris with his shaft.

  1. Up in the air

Sex positions. Legs on his shoulders.


Another type of (very successfully) modified missionary is having sex with her legs up on his shoulders. Like the previous position, the couple should start with missionary and then she can raise her legs and prop them up against his shoulders. This offers a great angle of penetration and he gets the added bonus of a truly great view.

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