How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have a Threesome

A threesome may be the fantasy of any guy, but women generally are a bit skeptical when it comes to share their man with another woman, even for only one night. So if you want to try a threesome, but you don’t know how to convince your girlfriend to have one, here you have some tips which will help you in this respect.

1. It’s all about communication
Communication is the key in every relationship and in most cases is the answer for every problem. If you want to try a threesome, talk with your partner, explain your reasons and try to understand her restraints. If she agrees, let her choose the location, the time and how much the other person will be involved in the action.

2. She is the most important
When you have a threesome, make sure you show her that she’s the special one. Otherwise she will feel threatened, insecure or undesired. It matters not only the night of the act, but also the day after. Give her more attention, prepare coffee or breakfast for her. Make her feel that she’s the only one.

3. Choose the right third person
You should be selective when it comes to the other woman you will spend the night. She may be either a stranger or someone you know. In both cases, there is an awkward situation. In the first case, you don’t know that person and her past and that’s a little worry. In the second scenario, you know that person and you will remember that night each time you see her.

4. Don’t ask for more
If your girlfriend accepted once the threesome, you should appreciate that and don’t ask for more threesome nights in a short interval of time. If you do, she will not feel alright and that may raise a problem in your relationship.

Male Masturbation techniques that make masturbation incredibly pleasurable

If you are not having sex regularly, you are probably masturbating and who doesn’t. It is perfectly normal. However, some men have a problem with going solo especially if they don’t pay attention to the right way of masturbating whereas those who have mastered the art, love masturbating and don’t mind if they are giving themselves a satisfying hand.

Here are some quick essential techniques to help you make your masturbation days more pleasurable:

1. The first tool you need is a good position for yourself. What turns you on the most, how would you like to do it with a female and what position will definitely lead to your climax? These questions will help answer your first problem. If you are a missionary sort of a guy, lying upside down on your bed while masturbating may help. If you love cowgirl position, facing the roof is another good example.

2. The second most important tool is a silicone based lubricant. There are a lot of lubricants in the market but finding the right one will help make your masturbation better two-folds. A silicone lubricant doesn’t dry out quickly and it makes the feeling more natural like a wet vagina.

3. Lastly, the third most important technique is finding the right kind of sex toy if you get tired of using your hand all the time. Sex toys are made for men too and some are great to use. They take your masturbation to the next level and they assist in making your solo session more like a real sex session. One of the best sex toys available in the market is a silicone based vagina which is shaped and designed like an original vagina! You need one of those if you want your boring masturbation days to be over.

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3 Physical gestures that will turn you into a flirting sensation

flirtingWhen it comes to flirting, it’s not a joke for many men. Men want to be perfect at flirting or else the ladies see them as weak and unimpressive. Flirting is also not a piece of cake. Moving on to kissing and sex may be easier for some guys than flirting, believe it or not!

Here are three easy but highly effective physical flirting gestures that will help improve your flirting skills:

  1. Play with your partner’s clothes while causally talking. Flirting doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The best kind of flirting comes naturally and doesn’t make your partner or you feel awkward. Whether your partner is wearing a dress, shirt, scarf, top, make sure you physically touch it, play with it or just fix it and you can be talking to them the whole time.
  2. Notice if your partner is wearing any accessories and start fiddling with them. For instance, if they are wearing a bracelet, or a necklace or even a watch, use your hands to check the accessories out or simply fiddle with them while your partner is trying to have a conversation with you.
  3. When you have had a long enough conversation, it’s time to take the physical gestures to the next level. This simply means wait for the right time, like an hour into your conversation and make one small move; rest your head on their shoulder. This could mean anything, you could be sad, you could be tired, you could be amazed, resting your head on their shoulder will bring them closer to you so it’s worth going to that extent.

How to Give the Best Hand Job

An excellent sex life is a diverse one, in which the new is always brought into. We have to mention that most men also love to receive hand jobs, not only oral sex. In order to blow your lover’s mind, here you have some tips which will help you give him the best hand job he has ever enjoyed.

First of all, make sure you don’t have dry hands. So, gently apply your favourite lub or a water-based one. To make things more exciting, you can give him a short oral sex which will make his penis wet.

Then, wrap your fingers gently and firmly around his penis and start a slowly and constant up and down move. Depending on his reactions, you can speed up the rhythm and the pressure in order to intensify his sensations. While you are doing this motion, give a special attention to the most sensible parts of his penis, the corona and the frenulum. If you massage them slowly, he will enjoy the most mind-blowing sensations.

Tap up with your fingers up and down on the underside part of his member as you are playing the piano. This sensation stimulates blood circulation and it will make his arousal grow. You can try different techniques and see what he likes. You can simply ask him how he is feeling or you can see his reactions and the sounds he makes when you press or touch him in certain parts.

You can diversify moves and double his pleasure using your both hands; you can wrap around your fingers in a ring shape and perform the same steady up and down move while you fondle his testicles with the other hand. Another move is by holding his shaft with your both hands and move up and down slowly with a hand following by the other. That will definitely be his way to climax.

Also, check out the video below on how to make a man sexually obsessed with you. I bet you are going to like it.

Kissing at

3 amazing sex games that can stir up a dull relationship

Sex game are not only sexy but sometimes they can save your relationship too. Couples go through a dull transition all the time. There comes a point in life when you need to change something to bring back the spice in the relationship. It is the same thing as trying a new position or a new sex toy. Sex games make you have fun in bed, allows you to be intimate with your partner and eliminates that boring feeling of having the same kind of relationship.

Here are the three best sex games you should try as soon as possible!

  1. Mouth-Mouth

This sex game involves you and your partner getting started in bed, from taking off your clothes to having an incredible orgasm and everything in between. The only condition is that everything has to be done with the mouth, yes, even taking off all the clothes. No hands can be used and nothing can be touched. Mouth-mouth is a great way to end up having and giving sizzling oral sex.

  1. Blind-folded

In this game, you and your partner toss a coin, and whoever loses gets to wear a blindfold. The other partner gets to do anything he or she wants to! Surprise your blindfolded partner with ice or ice cream, tie them up or make them scream with rough and tough sex. This sex game will have a long-lasting effect on your relationship.

  1. Shot-down

This sex game involves a lot of booze, a naked couple and a bunch of sex techniques. The idea behind this game is that each person gets to take turns with vodka or whiskey shots. After each shot, the person has to do something sex to his or her partner. The couple can start slow by kissing or by foreplay and with each shot, the intensity of the sex game can increase. The first one down after the shots loses! It’s a great way to get drunk and have incredible drunken sex with your partner.

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What Turns Men And Women On

Actually, men aren’t shallow human beings. They just have their own way of processing things. Take, for example, the way they place importance on the physical looks. Although both sexes care for the physical aspect, men put more importance with this aspect. They are attracted to women who imbibe certain cues that they can give birth to healthy kids.

But of course, men wouldn’t blurt out that they want women who are fertile and healthy. However, they are easily attracted to women who have features relating to the good supply of female hormone. This is the reason why they want women with a slim body, feminine and symmetrical facial features, full lips, and low waist-to-hip ratio.

There were researches which relate the preference to slim women to some cultures. There were evidences that there were tribes which opt for heavy women instead of the slimmer ones. Furthermore, there were also researches which proved that men prefer heavy women in places where there are scarce food. On the other hand, men prefer slim women in cultures where there is abundant food supply. Men are also interested with other female factors aside from physical looks. Feminine attitude, manner of dressing, personality, and social class are also important to men.

A man can easily like a woman even at first glance. However, physical attractiveness isn’t the only factor he considers in choosing a life partner. But, it arouses him. On the other hand, women aren’t attracted to men who are physically attractive. They care about physical looks but they also have other criteria before they are turned on by a man.

According to research, women are only aroused when a particular man meets some basic subconscious criteria they have about their men. This means that they are turned on when a particular man can offer them protection, security, or any other factors. This is the reason why women don’t need any sexual performance drugs because the mind of a woman is involved and this bars her from getting interested with a wrong man. Thus, a woman who has lost respect for her partner won’t get aroused during sexual intercourse.

Women are often attracted to bad boys, alpha males, and dominant men. They also prefer ambitious and ambitious men. This doesn’t mean that women are materialistic. It’s just the way they are biologically wired. Therefore, it is a common misconception among men who have average looks that they won’t get a chance with women they like because they don’t look handsome enough. Women can still find these men sexually attractive after getting to know them.

How to Tell If He’s Flirting with You

man-flirting-with-womanWomen are really bad at recognizing flirt, in comparison with men which are twice more accurate in recognizing a woman’s flirt. In order to make sure you detect when a man is flirting with you, here you have some helpful tips in decoding man’s body language.

  1. His body pose

According to psychologists, people’s body position indicates the direction they want to go, so notice if his body is fully pointed towards you or not. If he is frontal while you are talking that is a sign that he’s interested in you.

  1. He notices common things between you two

If a man notices some things you have in common while you are talking, this is a sure sign of flirting. Moreover, this is a likely proof that he wants to find more things about you in order to know you better.

  1. Prolonged eye contact

If he is looking for more than a few seconds at you, he surely likes you. So make sure you catch every gesture he makes and don’t miss anything. On the other side, a shy guy may avoid eye contact and this is another sign of flirting, especially if you catch him looking at you often.

  1. Dilated pupils

Eyes can give away when it comes to liking something, because the pupils are dilating when we see something attractive. If you have a prolonged eye contact, you may be able to notice if his pupils are becoming larger. Then you will know sure if he has any interest in you.

  1. Fidgeting

Most people fidget when they are nervous or like somebody, so if you notice gestures like these in a guy, that’s may be a sign he likes what he sees. Watch him if he arranges his shirt, squares his shoulders or brushes his hair.


The Couples Spot

As a blogger, I can tell when fellow-bloggers give a lot of time and effort in their blogging endeavours. Recently, I stumbled on to a similar blog that defined consistency, valuable content and most importantly clear insights that cannot be found easily on the web. is a blog dedicated to everyone who wants to know everything about having a great relationship with your partner. Overall, the blog has covered various sex-related topics with easy to comprehend information. The blog also delivers each post with a twist and sheds valuable information on each topic. I think that is rare amongst blogs these days. Finding valuable and unique information is hard.

The first impression of the I had was that it was a very easy-to-navigate blog which had all the recently posted and popular blogs listed. Once I glanced at all the posts, I could immediately tell that there were a couple that I wanted to read right that very instant. After reading a couple of posts, I could easily determine that the blog was one of the main go-to places for relationship advice especially in terms of sex and physicality.

The authors behind this amazing blog is Dr. Janelle and Dr. Rob Alex. They are learned people especially in spirituality and couple mentorship. They offer a program called Transcendent Lovemaking which is something everyone should check out especially if they value their relationship. I am grateful for these two amazing authors for putting such an informative blog together and helping people like us out through the web.

Best Phone Flirting Tips

While flirting, some good flirting tips are needed, especially when you try this over the phone. Either he calls you or you call him, make sure you have all the necessary methods to transform your flirting into a success. Here you have some tips which will help you flirt very well over phone.

1. Take a breath
If you are being nervous while talking at the phone, he will notice it. So, take a deep breath first and calm down. Talk in a casual and breezy manner and control your voice as to not sound quivering.

2. Come up with a good topic
You should have an interesting conversation and avoid long pauses. Think of a topic which can be discussed at large and grabs the attention of both of you. For example, ask him about his day or about his friends or relatives, if you know him well. Moreover, you can encourage him to talk about himself, his past or his present. He will find a friend in you and he will love it.

3. Distractions should be avoided
If you plan to flirt over the phone with a guy, avoid anything which could distract you from the conversation. You should be focused only on the phone chatting, and not on the TV, a book or any other thing like that.

4. Compliment him
This is one of the best ways to flirt and if you make it on the phone, it will be easier. Make sure you make an honest compliment and not a flattery. You can say, for example, that he has a nice and calming voice.

5. Call him by his name
Calling him by his name will personalize your conversation and will make you both feel more intimate. Using proper nouns, instead of pronouns, will make things between you two more interesting. Be careful not to purr when you call his name.

Hey Epiphora

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