Best Role Playing Sex Games

Role playing is one of the kinky things you should try in bedroom, in order to make your sex life more interesting, exciting and especially funny. Most people enjoy role-playing and they look for new acts and roles which they can perform with their partner. If you and your lover have no inhibitions, here you have some funny role-playing games to try between the sheets.

  1. Sexy characters from movies

There are plenty of sexy movies you can watch together and then play the role of the characters in the movie. It is easier in this way because you already have the visual of what you are going to do. This will increase the “appetite” of both of you. You can watch Silver Linings Playbook or Secretary, but don’t forget that one of the sexiest movies ever, Fifty shades of Grey, is upcoming.

  1. Princess be like

Fairy tales characters often face with the danger, but also fall deeply in love. Such story is a good inspiration for an exciting sex game. You can play the captive virgin princess and your partner the Adonis who will rescue you and show you the world, if you know what I mean.

  1. Play characters from an erotic book

You can choose passages from various erotic books and read them in turns. You should act as the book characters. You can read from The Fifty Shades trilogy or you can find any other book in which characters perform sexy moves.

  1. Be teenagers again

Acting as if you were teenagers will help you relive scenes from your high school period. You can play as if you were falling in love for the first time, went to a movie and then got home where you had that awkward first time experience.

  1. Sex with a superhero

Your partner can play the role of Superman or Batman and you will be his partner held hostage by a bad guy. To make things more interesting, put on a costume or a mask and turn the scenario into a funny sex game.


Check these books for more sex games:


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