The Best Sex Positions for Different Situations

  1. Premature ejaculation

Lotus sex positionIf the man has an endurance problem, it is advisable to avoid positions that entail any sort of too-vigorous thrusting. Instead, gentler positions with a more shallow kind of penetration are regarded as optimal for this situation. An example of such a position can be , which has the woman sitting in the lap of her partner, with her legs wrapped around his waist.

  1. Trying to get pregnant

It’s common knowledge that pregnancy can occur as a result of sexual intercourse in any given position. However, to increase your chances and “encourage” his sperm to successfully travel to your eggs and fertilize them, try a position which places you at the bottom, with your pelvis slightly elevated, so that the semen stays inside your body for longer.

  1. Pregnancy

scissors sex positionOnce you’ve succeeded in getting pregnant, in order to minimize discomfort during pregnancy, you’re going to want to avoid having him press on top of you, or him thrusting too hard or deep. Instead, try the scissor position, as it doesn’t require effort on your part and it allows a gentler kind of penetration with minimal discomfort.

  1. Painful intercourse

A good option for beginners, or for any woman who is experiencing discomfort or even pain during intercourse, is taking manners into your own hands and getting on top. This will allow you to control everything, from pace to depth of penetration and it offers you the freedom to stop at any point you might feel it becomes too much.

  1. Mismatched sizes

Sex positions - woman on topSometimes, positions need to be tailored according to your sizing needs. If your partner’s penis is on the larger side, try simply laying on top of him. He won’t get too deep inside you, while giving you control over the pace. Alternatively, less-endowed guys will be advantaged by the Cowgirl, so she can feel his full length.

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