Best Sex Toys to Try with Your Partner

Sex toys play an important role in anyone’s sex life, spicing it up in a very special way. However, there are people who avoid the subject and don’t admit using them. Leave all inhibitions apart and start bringing sex toys into your bedroom. You will enjoy incredible moments with your partner if you try several such toys. Here you have some suggestions in order to make your choice easier.

  1. Vibrator

Being a toy for women, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the vibe with your partner. From the start it should be clear that it won’t replace your lover, but it’s only a way to enhance your sex life. Moreover, there are vibrators designed to offer different vibrating pulses to both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Your partner will enjoy seeing your reactions.

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  1. Cock ring toy

This is one of the best sex toys for guys, because it offers him mind-blowing vibrations. This cock ring is a must-have in your sex toys box and one that you definitely should try.

  1. Massage toys

A good sex starts with an excellent erotic massage. So, leave those usual body lotions and massage oils apart for a night and try some couples massagers. For example, you can try Joya sphere massager designed like the yin-yang symbol. It can offer you two different kinds of massage because, on one side, it has five vibration speeds and on the other side, it has thrilling impulses. This kind of toy will bring joy in your bedroom.

  1. Vibrator for you and him

Any couple would want a sex toy which makes both of them feel the most awesome sensations. If you are looking for such a toy for both of you, you can opt for a 2 in 1 vibrator: one vibrator for his special parts which will tease them and the other one for both your clitoris and labia. Try this toys and double the pleasure between your sheets.

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