3 Physical gestures that will turn you into a flirting sensation

flirtingWhen it comes to flirting, it’s not a joke for many men. Men want to be perfect at flirting or else the ladies see them as weak and unimpressive. Flirting is also not a piece of cake. Moving on to kissing and sex may be easier for some guys than flirting, believe it or not!

Here are three easy but highly effective physical flirting gestures that will help improve your flirting skills:

  1. Play with your partner’s clothes while causally talking. Flirting doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The best kind of flirting comes naturally and doesn’t make your partner or you feel awkward. Whether your partner is wearing a dress, shirt, scarf, top, make sure you physically touch it, play with it or just fix it and you can be talking to them the whole time.
  2. Notice if your partner is wearing any accessories and start fiddling with them. For instance, if they are wearing a bracelet, or a necklace or even a watch, use your hands to check the accessories out or simply fiddle with them while your partner is trying to have a conversation with you.
  3. When you have had a long enough conversation, it’s time to take the physical gestures to the next level. This simply means wait for the right time, like an hour into your conversation and make one small move; rest your head on their shoulder. This could mean anything, you could be sad, you could be tired, you could be amazed, resting your head on their shoulder will bring them closer to you so it’s worth going to that extent.

How to Tell If He’s Flirting with You

man-flirting-with-womanWomen are really bad at recognizing flirt, in comparison with men which are twice more accurate in recognizing a woman’s flirt. In order to make sure you detect when a man is flirting with you, here you have some helpful tips in decoding man’s body language.

  1. His body pose

According to psychologists, people’s body position indicates the direction they want to go, so notice if his body is fully pointed towards you or not. If he is frontal while you are talking that is a sign that he’s interested in you.

  1. He notices common things between you two

If a man notices some things you have in common while you are talking, this is a sure sign of flirting. Moreover, this is a likely proof that he wants to find more things about you in order to know you better.

  1. Prolonged eye contact

If he is looking for more than a few seconds at you, he surely likes you. So make sure you catch every gesture he makes and don’t miss anything. On the other side, a shy guy may avoid eye contact and this is another sign of flirting, especially if you catch him looking at you often.

  1. Dilated pupils

Eyes can give away when it comes to liking something, because the pupils are dilating when we see something attractive. If you have a prolonged eye contact, you may be able to notice if his pupils are becoming larger. Then you will know sure if he has any interest in you.

  1. Fidgeting

Most people fidget when they are nervous or like somebody, so if you notice gestures like these in a guy, that’s may be a sign he likes what he sees. Watch him if he arranges his shirt, squares his shoulders or brushes his hair.


Best Phone Flirting Tips

While flirting, some good flirting tips are needed, especially when you try this over the phone. Either he calls you or you call him, make sure you have all the necessary methods to transform your flirting into a success. Here you have some tips which will help you flirt very well over phone.

1. Take a breath
If you are being nervous while talking at the phone, he will notice it. So, take a deep breath first and calm down. Talk in a casual and breezy manner and control your voice as to not sound quivering.

2. Come up with a good topic
You should have an interesting conversation and avoid long pauses. Think of a topic which can be discussed at large and grabs the attention of both of you. For example, ask him about his day or about his friends or relatives, if you know him well. Moreover, you can encourage him to talk about himself, his past or his present. He will find a friend in you and he will love it.

3. Distractions should be avoided
If you plan to flirt over the phone with a guy, avoid anything which could distract you from the conversation. You should be focused only on the phone chatting, and not on the TV, a book or any other thing like that.

4. Compliment him
This is one of the best ways to flirt and if you make it on the phone, it will be easier. Make sure you make an honest compliment and not a flattery. You can say, for example, that he has a nice and calming voice.

5. Call him by his name
Calling him by his name will personalize your conversation and will make you both feel more intimate. Using proper nouns, instead of pronouns, will make things between you two more interesting. Be careful not to purr when you call his name.