What Turns Men And Women On

Actually, men aren’t shallow human beings. They just have their own way of processing things. Take, for example, the way they place importance on the physical looks. Although both sexes care for the physical aspect, men put more importance with this aspect. They are attracted to women who imbibe certain cues that they can give birth to healthy kids.

But of course, men wouldn’t blurt out that they want women who are fertile and healthy. However, they are easily attracted to women who have features relating to the good supply of female hormone. This is the reason why they want women with a slim body, feminine and symmetrical facial features, full lips, and low waist-to-hip ratio.

There were researches which relate the preference to slim women to some cultures. There were evidences that there were tribes which opt for heavy women instead of the slimmer ones. Furthermore, there were also researches which proved that men prefer heavy women in places where there are scarce food. On the other hand, men prefer slim women in cultures where there is abundant food supply. Men are also interested with other female factors aside from physical looks. Feminine attitude, manner of dressing, personality, and social class are also important to men.

A man can easily like a woman even at first glance. However, physical attractiveness isn’t the only factor he considers in choosing a life partner. But, it arouses him. On the other hand, women aren’t attracted to men who are physically attractive. They care about physical looks but they also have other criteria before they are turned on by a man.

According to research, women are only aroused when a particular man meets some basic subconscious criteria they have about their men. This means that they are turned on when a particular man can offer them protection, security, or any other factors. This is the reason why women don’t need any sexual performance drugs because the mind of a woman is involved and this bars her from getting interested with a wrong man. Thus, a woman who has lost respect for her partner won’t get aroused during sexual intercourse.

Women are often attracted to bad boys, alpha males, and dominant men. They also prefer ambitious and ambitious men. This doesn’t mean that women are materialistic. It’s just the way they are biologically wired. Therefore, it is a common misconception among men who have average looks that they won’t get a chance with women they like because they don’t look handsome enough. Women can still find these men sexually attractive after getting to know them.

Look Like Her Dad

Seriously, women are looking for potential partners who look like their dads. Aside from the basic facial features, they look for older men when they were born when their fathers were over 40. Actually, the same goes for men who have been born to an older mother. These males aren’t bothered by gray hair and wrinkles in women.

Make Smile Show Sincerity

A smile is important. There are people who can sense if the smile is fake or real. In reality, it is better not to smile at all than fake it. A man can give a sincere smile by holding it a few seconds longer. Usually, the woman will perceive it even if she has looked away because her peripheral vision can sense it.

Another way to show sincerity is letting the eyes linger on hers when smiling. It’s like saying that the woman is special and that he likes her. Eye contact is very important when smiling. The warm expression plus the lingering eye contact is very powerful in attracting women.