Male Masturbation techniques that make masturbation incredibly pleasurable

If you are not having sex regularly, you are probably masturbating and who doesn’t. It is perfectly normal. However, some men have a problem with going solo especially if they don’t pay attention to the right way of masturbating whereas those who have mastered the art, love masturbating and don’t mind if they are giving themselves a satisfying hand.

Here are some quick essential techniques to help you make your masturbation days more pleasurable:

1. The first tool you need is a good position for yourself. What turns you on the most, how would you like to do it with a female and what position will definitely lead to your climax? These questions will help answer your first problem. If you are a missionary sort of a guy, lying upside down on your bed while masturbating may help. If you love cowgirl position, facing the roof is another good example.

2. The second most important tool is a silicone based lubricant. There are a lot of lubricants in the market but finding the right one will help make your masturbation better two-folds. A silicone lubricant doesn’t dry out quickly and it makes the feeling more natural like a wet vagina.

3. Lastly, the third most important technique is finding the right kind of sex toy if you get tired of using your hand all the time. Sex toys are made for men too and some are great to use. They take your masturbation to the next level and they assist in making your solo session more like a real sex session. One of the best sex toys available in the market is a silicone based vagina which is shaped and designed like an original vagina! You need one of those if you want your boring masturbation days to be over.

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How to Give the Best Hand Job

An excellent sex life is a diverse one, in which the new is always brought into. We have to mention that most men also love to receive hand jobs, not only oral sex. In order to blow your lover’s mind, here you have some tips which will help you give him the best hand job he has ever enjoyed.

First of all, make sure you don’t have dry hands. So, gently apply your favourite lub or a water-based one. To make things more exciting, you can give him a short oral sex which will make his penis wet.

Then, wrap your fingers gently and firmly around his penis and start a slowly and constant up and down move. Depending on his reactions, you can speed up the rhythm and the pressure in order to intensify his sensations. While you are doing this motion, give a special attention to the most sensible parts of his penis, the corona and the frenulum. If you massage them slowly, he will enjoy the most mind-blowing sensations.

Tap up with your fingers up and down on the underside part of his member as you are playing the piano. This sensation stimulates blood circulation and it will make his arousal grow. You can try different techniques and see what he likes. You can simply ask him how he is feeling or you can see his reactions and the sounds he makes when you press or touch him in certain parts.

You can diversify moves and double his pleasure using your both hands; you can wrap around your fingers in a ring shape and perform the same steady up and down move while you fondle his testicles with the other hand. Another move is by holding his shaft with your both hands and move up and down slowly with a hand following by the other. That will definitely be his way to climax.

Also, check out the video below on how to make a man sexually obsessed with you. I bet you are going to like it.

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Masturbation Tips to Please Yourself

Masturbation is still a taboo subject either it comes for men or women. As a woman, you have probably tried such pleasure, but here you have some moves that will help you intensify the pleasure.

  • Down on your belly

This is an easy and simple move, because you have to lie on your stomach and stimulate your clitoris using your hand. Try different moves and move your hips up and down in order to intensify the sensations.

  • Clitoris tapping

Tapping the clitoris can lead to intense sensations, because you can press and speed up as you want. Lie on the back with one leg bent and the other outstretched and start stimulating your clitoris, tapping harder or faster. Also, you can use lube to make things easier.

  • Aiming G-spot

This position will be a sure way to have an orgasm, if you succeed to get to G-spot. While you lie on your back, bring your knees close to your chest and go with your fingers deeply in the vagina. Once you get there, curl your fingers and start an up and down move speeding up. You can bend one leg or put a pillow under your back in order to maximize pleasure.

  • Circling

This kind of move is perfect if you enjoy clitoral stimulation the most. It will help you stimulate all c-spot nerves and experiment electric sensations throughout the body. You can make this move from any position you find comfortable and that will allow you to make circles around your clitoris. Also, you can change the speed and pressure according to your sensations.

  • Pressing the pelvis

Using your palm, rub your pelvis and your clitoris, pushing up and down gently. Keeping your hand right there, start to intensify the rhythm and press harder on your clitoris.