3 Tips to Make Her Orgasm with your Mouth

oral sex tipsMen might think they know what oral sex really means when it comes to women but a recent report showed that women have claimed that their partners have no idea how to satisfy them with their tongues or mouth or face. While the facts might hurt, guys, it’s time you took a stand and showed them what you are really made of. Here is how you can satisfy your ladies with your tongue and give them the best oral sex they ever had.

  1. The lower the better

While it is right for a man to work on a woman’s clitoris, it should only be a pit stop for him while he is on his way to his real destination. Stimulating the clitoris will arouse her while working on her opening when make her flow. An orgasm is guaranteed.

  1. Insertion is a must

If you are good at sex, you would know that an insertion in a woman’s vagina is a must whether you are penetrating her with your manhood or you are mouthing her. When it comes to oral sex, always remember to use your tongue or fingers to make her climax. Sucking, although important, is not the only tool you should use during oral sex.

  1. Rub your lips the right way

During oral sex, at regular intervals, rub your lips or your mouth on her entire vagina. There is nothing more appealing to a woman than seeing a face soaked with her fluids and physically, it is a dream come true for her. Maneuver your mouth from top to bottom and in circular motions and wait for her to moan or react to ensure you are doing it right. Congratulations, you are officially a pro at eating her out!