What Men Secretly Want

Trying to figure out men can be hard. On the surface, they might seem easy to read. But in reality, there is more to it than just sex and pizza. Trying to figure out the nuances of a guy can be hard, but there are certain things that men want but won’t tell you. You can learn about a couple of things that men want, and what really makes them tick.

Men want a loyal woman. That’s a true fact. They want someone who will be there for him, who will want to be with him after everything is said and done. They want a woman who will be faithful to them, and not run off with another guy or girl. Being loyal to them is like a dog to a human, they love that type of thing. Be there waiting for him at home, or even have dinner ready for the nights he works late. You can also spice things up in the bedroom as well. Maybe wear the sexiest pair of lingerie you have, or even order something new. Wear it one night when he gets back, and watch the sparks fly. Loyalty isn’t just limited to that, they want a woman will be there for them when the going gets tough

Men also love honesty. Honesty is one of the key things that you have to have when it comes to being with a guy. Men want a woman that will tell them the whole stinking truth regardless of what it’s going to mean for the relationship. They want to hear the brutal honesty, and although they may be hurt at the moment when you say it, they’ll thank you for that later. Men want a woman who will tell them straight up when they’re acting a certain way, or to tell them to chill out and not be a pain.
Men also want a woman who is simple. Don’t’ have drama and extra baggage around you. Drama only creates fights, and usually people with drama all around them create even more fires in the relationship. Men want something easy. They want a relationship where they can be with a woman and love them, and as a woman you should try to make it simple. Women are complicated people, that’s a given. We attract drama naturally like flies on honey. But, if you want a healthy relationship, it’s best to just take the stupid drama out of your life and focus only on your relationship and making it shine.

Men also want a woman who wants them. Not just in a romantic way, but in a sexual way. Having a strong sex life is the key to having a great relationship. Having sex shows that you want the person, and it also shows that you care about them too. Having sex and showing your man that you do want them will demonstrate to them that they are need. They’re not just some guy that you call your boyfriend; they’re a person that you have a strong relationship with and love dearly.

Men also want an impassioned woman. They want a woman who is not only passionate about them, but also about the other different facets of life. They want a woman with passion and drive, and that is a major turn-on for many guys. Tell the guy your dreams, and let him know what in the world is going on with you. Tell the guy that you want to have this certain task achieved by a certain time, and they will gladly support you. In a relationship, the man does want to support the woman in whatever she does. You should always have a goal in mind, and sometimes the best way to have the goal come true is to tell it to the ones you love. Don’t be afraid to have a passion for something, for it can really show a guy that you do have drive and desire, and that’ll make him feel attracted to you.

Figuring out what men secretly want can be a bit daunting, but it’s not hard. There are other things that men want as well, and to find them out you can check out this video here What Men Secretly Want

What Men Secretly Want