How to Last Longer in Bed; an Ultimate Solution for a Caring Man!

Lasting long in bed with a partner you admire or love is one of the most important things you can do for them. Being able to completely satisfy your woman brings a great sense of manliness for a guy who wants to stick around long term and is sincere with his partner.

But what happens when men unintentionally cannot last long in bed? Does that mean they are not sincere? Certainly not!

Premature ejaculation has long been an issue for many men and continue to be an issue consistently. Understanding girlfriends or wives try to accommodate their men at first but sooner or later, even they feel that this problem needs to be fixed! You can’t blame them because all they want to do is have a great time in bed with you!

Firstly and most importantly, there is nothing to worry about because with a little help, this problem CAN be fixed for anyone who is genuinely interested and works towards it.

The next important thing is that men who struggle with this disorder need to start believing in themselves and focus on the facts like, this is a common problem, there are solutions present for every kind of man and that it is NOT their fault.

Men who are able to overcome their fears of premature ejaculation are able to improve their relationships, not only sexually but emotionally as well. Women feel that their men are taking good care of them and see them working towards it every time in bed.

Moving on, as far as my experience goes, men who constantly worry about ejaculating prematurely have more difficulties in solving this problem. Here are a couple of techniques to help you surpass problems related to this disorder, allow you to satisfy your woman and eventually have an amazing orgasm yourself at the right time:

Remember – You are in control:
Premature ejaculation is more of a mental disorder than a physical one. Psychologically you can have complete control over yourself. I have read that some men, in order to last longer in bed, try to wander off with their thoughts for just a couple of minutes in order to take their minds off orgasms. Have that mental control over your body which will take you to that extra mile and don’t worry, soon you’ll be back in that orgasm mind-frame and will enjoy releasing yourself once you are done satisfying your woman.

More sex means longer sex:
Another proven theory by the male experts that I stumbled on was the fact that, if you are having sex on a regular basis, you will be able to last longer, as and when you please. If your penis is seeing action after a long time, naturally, the first round will be the shortest because at the end of the day, the blood rush is out of control but as you keep giving your penis a stable share of pleasure from time to time, it gets used to the action and the feeling is familiar, which is the perfect time for you to keep control on premature ejaculation.

Allow your woman to assist you:
At the end of the day, your problem is also her problem and she wants it gone as much as you do and she might even be very willing to help out. If you are at that comfort level with your partner, ask her to try the squeeze technique on your penis when you feel the rush to orgasm. She simply has to apply a squeezing force to the tip of your penis which allows the blood to move back from the front of the penis and brings down the ejaculating sensation. She would be more than glad to do it if it means her orgasm is next.

Don’t rush it but work on her orgasm first:
It doesn’t matter how long your sex session lasts for, what matters is that both partners got a chance to orgasm and are satisfied at the end. Introduce techniques like foreplay, oral or grab a sex toy and stimulate her with it so that there are more chances of her climaxing first. Once she is done, you can lead the lovemaking for your own pleasure.

My advice just doesn’t end here! There are so many more useful tips and highly accredited ways of lasting longer in bed for a better relationship and I am going to show you all of them. Watch the following videos and get unique insights on this matter:

Video 1 – Can You Last 30 Minutes During Sex?

Video 2 – Last 20 Minutes Longer Tonight… Guaranteed!

How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have a Threesome

A threesome may be the fantasy of any guy, but women generally are a bit skeptical when it comes to share their man with another woman, even for only one night. So if you want to try a threesome, but you don’t know how to convince your girlfriend to have one, here you have some tips which will help you in this respect.

1. It’s all about communication
Communication is the key in every relationship and in most cases is the answer for every problem. If you want to try a threesome, talk with your partner, explain your reasons and try to understand her restraints. If she agrees, let her choose the location, the time and how much the other person will be involved in the action.

2. She is the most important
When you have a threesome, make sure you show her that she’s the special one. Otherwise she will feel threatened, insecure or undesired. It matters not only the night of the act, but also the day after. Give her more attention, prepare coffee or breakfast for her. Make her feel that she’s the only one.

3. Choose the right third person
You should be selective when it comes to the other woman you will spend the night. She may be either a stranger or someone you know. In both cases, there is an awkward situation. In the first case, you don’t know that person and her past and that’s a little worry. In the second scenario, you know that person and you will remember that night each time you see her.

4. Don’t ask for more
If your girlfriend accepted once the threesome, you should appreciate that and don’t ask for more threesome nights in a short interval of time. If you do, she will not feel alright and that may raise a problem in your relationship.

How to Have the Hottest Sex Ever

How to Have the Hottest Sex Ever

hotsex-2You should have incredible sex all the time, not only at the beginning of your relationship. Some say that sex gets better as time goes on, so it is never too late to have incredible moments with your partner. So look at these amazing ways to spice up your sex life.

  • Use different types of condoms

In today’s world, condoms are very important for every couple, not only as a contraceptive method, but also as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of condom. There are condoms in different shapes, sizes or flavors you can choose. You should try different kinds and see which one suits you better and especially which one is more stimulating for both of you.

  • Don’t be silent, talk dirty

Men love when they hear a woman screaming of pleasure and talking dirty during sex. This usually increases their arousal and makes them wilder. Don’t be afraid of talking dirty in order to have an incredible sex. If you cannot do that, make sure you show him how you feel by vocalizing pleasure. Your partner will feel more confident and you will have a mind-blowing orgasm.

  • Dress up sexy

Some women love dressing up sexy and getting ready for sex. Look for some sexy lingerie and prepare yourself for a wild sex night. This will definitely make your partner hornier and more impatient to have you.

  • Send sex messages

Either you are at work or in traffic, send your partner a dirty text message to share your naughty plans for when you get home. If you get home after him, you may have an exciting surprise that will make your fantasies come true. In case you get home first, make sure you prepare the perfect setup for a wild sex night.

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Exciting Sex Tips for Married Couples

Exciting Sex Tips for Married Couples

Seduce Man - SexSmartyDespite most people thinking sex in marriage gets more and more boring, in fact married sex becomes better and better as time passes. If you want to have a more colorful life in your bedroom, you should try some tips which will help you spend the most awesome moments in your life. Don’t be skeptical, because sex tips are not only for young couples, but also for couples who have been together for many years now.

  • Talk about your fantasies

It is never too late to talk with your partner about your fantasies and neither too late to apply Seduce your husbandthem. This could bring more joy in your couple life, especially because it implies communication, which you know it is essential in every couple. You can try things that you’ve always wished or on the other side, things that you never thought about just to spice up your sex life.

  • Try something new in or out of bed

After your kids fall asleep and you made sure they would not disturb you, you are free to try something that will revive your sex life. You can try new sex positions or mutual masturbation. Seduce a man - SexSmartyIf you feel uncomfortable because your kids may hear something, you can hire a babysitter to stay with them as you spend the night at a hotel. This way you will escape from they daily routine and you will have enough time for some hot moments between the two of you.

  • Don’t say no to oral sex

Probably you and your partner had more oral sex in the first years together and you haven’t been trying it for a long time. You can start using this “technique” again, as it will definitely be a real turn on for both of you. For a more exciting foreplay, you can take a shower together. It might sound isignificant, but this could be the first step to a change in your sex life as a married couple.



Do not forget to check out this amazing guide on how to make a man sexually obsessed with you.