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As a blogger, I can tell when fellow-bloggers give a lot of time and effort in their blogging endeavours. Recently, I stumbled on to a similar blog that defined consistency, valuable content and most importantly clear insights that cannot be found easily on the web. is a blog dedicated to everyone who wants to know everything about having a great relationship with your partner. Overall, the blog has covered various sex-related topics with easy to comprehend information. The blog also delivers each post with a twist and sheds valuable information on each topic. I think that is rare amongst blogs these days. Finding valuable and unique information is hard.

The first impression of the I had was that it was a very easy-to-navigate blog which had all the recently posted and popular blogs listed. Once I glanced at all the posts, I could immediately tell that there were a couple that I wanted to read right that very instant. After reading a couple of posts, I could easily determine that the blog was one of the main go-to places for relationship advice especially in terms of sex and physicality.

The authors behind this amazing blog is Dr. Janelle and Dr. Rob Alex. They are learned people especially in spirituality and couple mentorship. They offer a program called Transcendent Lovemaking which is something everyone should check out especially if they value their relationship. I am grateful for these two amazing authors for putting such an informative blog together and helping people like us out through the web.

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