Exciting Sex Tips for Married Couples

Exciting Sex Tips for Married Couples

Seduce Man - SexSmartyDespite most people thinking sex in marriage gets more and more boring, in fact married sex becomes better and better as time passes. If you want to have a more colorful life in your bedroom, you should try some tips which will help you spend the most awesome moments in your life. Don’t be skeptical, because sex tips are not only for young couples, but also for couples who have been together for many years now.

  • Talk about your fantasies

It is never too late to talk with your partner about your fantasies and neither too late to apply Seduce your husbandthem. This could bring more joy in your couple life, especially because it implies communication, which you know it is essential in every couple. You can try things that you’ve always wished or on the other side, things that you never thought about just to spice up your sex life.

  • Try something new in or out of bed

After your kids fall asleep and you made sure they would not disturb you, you are free to try something that will revive your sex life. You can try new sex positions or mutual masturbation. Seduce a man - SexSmartyIf you feel uncomfortable because your kids may hear something, you can hire a babysitter to stay with them as you spend the night at a hotel. This way you will escape from they daily routine and you will have enough time for some hot moments between the two of you.

  • Don’t say no to oral sex

Probably you and your partner had more oral sex in the first years together and you haven’t been trying it for a long time. You can start using this “technique” again, as it will definitely be a real turn on for both of you. For a more exciting foreplay, you can take a shower together. It might sound isignificant, but this could be the first step to a change in your sex life as a married couple.



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