How to Improve Your Orgasms

1. Don’t skip the foreplay

A prolonged foreplay is an annoyance to some, especially if you’re the impatient type that just wants to “get to the good part”. However, engaging in a long foreplay not only stimulates you to the maximum, but it also prolongs the anticipation, and that can be one of the key factors in achieving incredible orgasms. The longer you wait and tease and postpone the big moment, the more you build up the anticipation, which makes the final release that more spectacular, precisely because you’ve been waiting for so long.

2. Give instructions

It may not sound terribly sexy, but giving your partner instructions on your soft spots and showing him how to touch you is the best way to achieve mind-blowing results. Feedback is the key to an improved experience, here. As they say, “Different strokes for different folks” and you can’t expect your partner to know exactly what you like and how you like it, unless you get involved by telling them, showing them or even placing their hands where you want them. They will be grateful for the tips and you will benefit from it again and again and again.

3. Do it yourself

Of course, in order to know what you like and be able to instruct your partner accordingly, you have to do a little experimentation, and try different things, first. And we’re not talking about sleeping around (although that might work for some!), but about taking some time for yourself and learning what, exactly, produces an orgasm and how you can build upon that. You obviously can’t teach others how to make you orgasm, without knowing how to do it, yourself, can you? So it only makes sense that learning this on your own would be the first step to good orgasm and a great sex life.

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