Male Masturbation techniques that make masturbation incredibly pleasurable

If you are not having sex regularly, you are probably masturbating and who doesn’t. It is perfectly normal. However, some men have a problem with going solo especially if they don’t pay attention to the right way of masturbating whereas those who have mastered the art, love masturbating and don’t mind if they are giving themselves a satisfying hand.

Here are some quick essential techniques to help you make your masturbation days more pleasurable:

1. The first tool you need is a good position for yourself. What turns you on the most, how would you like to do it with a female and what position will definitely lead to your climax? These questions will help answer your first problem. If you are a missionary sort of a guy, lying upside down on your bed while masturbating may help. If you love cowgirl position, facing the roof is another good example.

2. The second most important tool is a silicone based lubricant. There are a lot of lubricants in the market but finding the right one will help make your masturbation better two-folds. A silicone lubricant doesn’t dry out quickly and it makes the feeling more natural like a wet vagina.

3. Lastly, the third most important technique is finding the right kind of sex toy if you get tired of using your hand all the time. Sex toys are made for men too and some are great to use. They take your masturbation to the next level and they assist in making your solo session more like a real sex session. One of the best sex toys available in the market is a silicone based vagina which is shaped and designed like an original vagina! You need one of those if you want your boring masturbation days to be over.

And yes, check out this books. These will certainly provide you with even more information on masturbation.


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