Must-try Seduction Tips for an amazing time in bed

Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl, seduction is highly important for everyone especially if they want to have an amazing time in bed. Getting started with sex might be easy but seducing someone is the real art and a true player in bed would know exactly how to seduce a guy or girl for mind-blowing sex.

These must-try seduction tips will guarantee you and your partner an amazing time in bed and not only that but your partner is going to keep coming back for more. Try them out and tell us how they worked out for you!

  • Seduction starts with words. You need to be an expert at what you say and how you say it. Instead of using common pick-up lines, be honest about what you think about them. Better yet, whisper it in their ears. Some of the following lines can make you a pro at seduction!

    “You’re someone I want to get lost with”
    “Let’s get out of here”
    “I am trying to listen to you but your lips are getting in the way”
    “It’s getting hard for me to keep my hands off that sexy body”

  • While talking to your partner, get close, smile and look directly at them. This will engage them in what you are saying and will make them forget that they just recently met you. Getting close is a good idea but just enough to tease your partner. Don’t get physical just yet. Let them ask for it. When they give you a hint, move your hand to their shoulders or hold them from their back.
  • When you see the above two seduction tips working, gently touch your partner somewhere. This is where you take seduction to the next level. It may be the face, the hair, the back, the lap, any chance you get but one move will make it a home run for you. Move your hands from one part to another, slowly appreciating their physicality. Getting under the sheets is not far away now!


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