The secrets to the perfect Physical Seduction Techniques that everyone can use!

Seduction tips

You might know exactly how to lure someone in with your words and your actions but what about the time when you ask them to your apartment and have not quite gotten them ready for bed yet. It’s simple, Seduction will help you get there. All you have to do is pay attention to these easy “physical seduction techniques” that will make your partner beg you to get under the sheets and forget everything else.

  • Teasing your partner while they still have their clothes on gets those fluids working. Find the sensitive spots and maneuver your hands gently to tell your partner what’s in store for them. For example, while having a casual conversation with them move your hand on their backs or find their neck. A kiss might follow soon.
  • Have you had a long evening out with your partner? Is he or she tired? Offer them a massage. A Back massage to a neck massage or even a foot massage will help. Once you start the massage process, let their moans do the talking and keep your hands working till you get the perfect chance to start unbuttoning their clothes.
  • Last but not least, use your confidence to tell them what you are about to do with them. Let’s face it, if they’ve had enough drinks with you to tell you that they’re interested, it means that they know that sex is soon to follow. Why not admit it and be verbal about it. There is nothing sexier than putting all your intentions in to words. Hold on to them, look into their eyes and tell them you want their clothes off right now or you are imagining how they look without any clothes on.

Another way to start your seduction process is by describing what’s about to happen next for instance, you can say, “I want to take you to my bed, unwrap you and gift myself a long night of sexual pleasure”. Remember, words work wonders!

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