Sex game “Ice Ice Baby”

Another highly romantic and sizzling sex game is Ice Ice Baby and as the name suggests, in this game, both individuals get chances to use ice on their partners. There is a particular way you would want to use ice on your partner. This game is highly suitable for couples who love oral sex and want to give oral sex a nice cold twist. The romance comes flowing in when your partner gets to experience cold lips on their private parts.

What you need:

  • Plastic sheets and a comfortable place
  • Ice bucket
  • Blindfold (optional)

How to Play:

  • If the couple wants to use a blindfold, this is the time they put it on.
  • One partner needs to lie down on the bed or any other comfortable place on top of sheets while the other partner needs to get to work.
  • The first step is to hold the ice in your mouth and then drag it along any sensitive area of your partner
  • Follow the moans to lead to the right spot
  • Once your lips get too cold or it’s time to move to skin on skin, drop the ice and start licking and sucking
  • Once your partner climaxes, it’s your turn to get iced!
  • Get creative and use ice in various ways, don’t worry if your partner starts screaming on top of their lungs! It’s a game after all!

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