Sex game “Sex Dice”

Sex Dice is a special game that requires you to make your own dice. Using a cardboard, cut sides for a box and write a sex act on all sides of the dice. Tape the dice together. Once the dice is in place, you and your partner will enjoy hours and hours of playing this game. As long as you have your sex dice on you, you can start anywhere without any other special instruments. Roll the dice and whatever you get is what your partner is going to be doing to you which means that you and your partner are in for some sexual pleasures. Just remember to be creative!

What You Need:

  • Pen
  • Cardboard box
  • Tape

How to Play:

  • First cut the cardboard to form a box. There are templates available online on how to make a box. You can keep the size of the dice as per your liking.
  • Once the box is cut, make sure you label all sides before you tape it together.
  • The dice will be ready after the taping is complete.
  • Start playing with your partner by going first on rolling the dice.
  • The dice will tell you and your partner exactly what your partner is going to be doing to you sexually.
  • For example, if the dice lands on doggie-style intercourse, your partner has to perform intercourse in the same position
  • For a variety of choice, include everything from a sex position, to oral, foreplay and anything else that pleases you and your partner sexually.

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