Sex game “Shot-of-a-gun”

Shot-of-a-gun is a sex game for couples who love alcoholic shots before they hit the sheets. In this game, both members have to take turns taking shots and perform one sexual act with each other. For example, one person will pour two shots and he or she will gulp it and take off his or her partner’s shirt or if both partners are already naked, they can get down to business with foreplay. The follower has to do the same. With each shot you have a variety of ways to lead to a drunken sex session and the person who gets too drunk and falls first, loses while the winner gets to hop on top and fulfill his or her own sexual desire.

What You Need:

  • Bottle of Vodka
  • Two shot glasses
  • A place where you and your partner would prefer playing the game

How to Play:

  • Both partners sit in front of each other.
  • Both can mutually decide if they want to start naked or if they want each other to start by stripping each other first.
  • One member pours in two shots to begin with.
  • He or she gulps the shot and proceed to take off the shirt of their partner
  • The other partner follows the lead
  • Once the clothes are off, the partners can proceed to kissing, foreplay and eventually sex with each shot taken.
  • If one person fails to take shots in the middle of the game, he or she loses and the other partner gets to choose the sex position as a winner.


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