Sex game “Strip Snake and Ladder”

Are you two big fans of snake and ladder? Introduce this mesmerizing game into your sexual life by playing it with your partner! You and your partner can end up having sex in no time with a couple of ladder climbs and snake bites. The best part? It’s a board game that is easy to play and will arouse you and your partner with every move!

What You Need:

  • Snake and ladder board game
  • Dice
  •  Leveled surface for the game
  •  Cushions for sitting
  • Drinks and a comfortable area on the floor

How to Play:

  • Both partners sit on the floor, ideally with drinks and in front of a fireplace.
  • Get comfortable with your partner and take turns rolling the dice.
  • Start moving your figurines as per the number on your dice and if you hit a ladder, climb it and ask for a sexual act from your partner. You can start by asking your partner to take off a piece of clothing.
  • Once your losing partner is naked, move to kissing or foreplay and with every winning move which is a ladder climb, increase the intensity of the sexual act.
  • If you get bitten by the snake, slide down and take off a piece of clothing for your partner. When you are fully naked, with every snake bite, your winning partner gets to ask for a sexual act as the ones mentioned above.
  • By the end of the game, the winner gets to choose how he or she wishes to climax and the number of sex rounds for the night!

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