Sex Games for the Experts

Sex games can give both you and your partner the excitant sex night you dream of and they can even make the sex act funnier. Here you have some sex games which will make your life between the sheets much more interesting and will also help you discover new ways to please yourselves and climax.

  1. Time bomb

For this game you need a clock timer. Once you choose an interval of time, set the rule that this interval should be only for the foreplay, penetration is not allowed. This is a creative game, through which you will know each other better and have a funny foreplay. Also, it will make both of you really aroused for what it has to come.

  1. Close shave

This is not really a game, but it will make both of you feel more intimate. Leave your partner shave your pubic hair. After you take a hot bath, either alone or together, ask him to take the razor and the shaving cream and gently shave you. Some people think this is strange and scary, but some women find it interesting and exciting, so just give it a try and see how it works for you.

  1. Prisoners

This is a very exciting game because you will stay tied with neckties to the bedpost. Your partner will tie your wrists and ankles and he will do everything he wants with you. It is extremely erotic to feel powerless and to be the center of his attention. If you don’t have bedposts, improvise and find different methods to be held as a prisoner.

  1. Blind game

Your partner needs to be blindfold. You may choose your scarf, his neckties or a blindfold. Start the game in bed or in any other location and proceed be seducing them and guiding them to you. This will open up all their othe senses, so that they can feel extremely excited.

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