Strip Cards or Strip Poker sex game

Strip sex games involve you and your partner playing a specific game and whoever loses around needs to take off one item of clothing. Once all the clothing is removed, the couple may continue the game to include teasing, foreplay, sex, oral sex and climaxing.

Enjoy an amazing game of cards along with your partner and win rounds to lead them in to the kind of sex you are in the mood for. With every round you have won, your partner gets to strip and you get to enjoy your evening!

What You Need:
– Deck of cards
– Table
– Smokes, whiskey and roasted nuts

How to Play:
– Both partners sit across each other fully clothed. Keep a bowl of roasted nuts and a bottle of whiskey on the table as well for exciting intervals.
– If you are playing poker, start the game by distributing the cards and proceed to play poker till the last hand.
– Whoever loses the hand, takes one item of clothing off.
– Continue steps until one person is fully naked.
– If you are playing any other game of cards, for instance, UNO or Go Fish; distribute the cards and continue the game till one person loses a round.
– Upon losing the round, the person has to remove one piece of clothing until either partner ends up completely naked.
– The game is continued where the winner of the round gets to tease or perform a sexual act OR demand a sexual act from his or her partner.
– Towards the end of the game, the winner can choose a sex position of his or her own choice for intercourse and end it with an orgasm.

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