Three Tips to Help Step Up Your kissing Game

Kissing at SexSmarty.comKissing is a great thing to do with your partner. It’s a way to show love, and you can also invoke passion with this action. A great kiss will leave her begging for more, and it’s something that is simple to do, yet so very effective when it comes to building passion with your partner. Here are three tips to help you step up your kissing game and make her crazy for your kisses.

The first is to bite the lip. Lip biting is not only hot, but it also arouses the partner. You’re teasing the nerves there, and you can get her to go crazy over you. It’s the perfect way to get her to moan as well, and that will also arouse you as well.

Including tongue in a sensual way is another way to make kissing better. Touching tongues with your partner is a sensual way to get your partner excited. Plus, the muscle contact allows you get closer as well. It can help deepen kissing, and you can explore your partner in ways you haven’t before.

The third thing is to close your eyes when you’re kissing your partner. When you close your eyes, the kissing will be even better, and you’ll be more into it. Looking around while you kiss your partner is not only a bit rude, but it makes the kissing awkward as well. Keep your eyes closed and your lips puckered up, and you’ll definitely have much hotter kisses.

All of these tips are great ways to step up your kissing game, and by doing that you’ll have an even hotter time with your partner. So pucker up, and go have so fun.

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