Tips for Achieving Multiple Orgasms

1. Ladies first
Nice guys always finish last, if they care about their lady’s pleasure. By focusing on you for the first part of the act and getting you to have an orgasm, the first step towards multiples has already been made. Climaxing first offers you plenty of time and stimulation to get the chance of doing it again, while he’s chasing his own orgasm.

2. Relax, take it easy
The song lyrics couldn’t be truer. The key to any orgasm, let alone multiple, is to relax. It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but more often than not, women, especially, are so determined to get there, that they end up missing out because of stress or the pressure they put on themselves.

3. Think about something else
No, the suggestion is not to make a mental grocery list while ignoring your partner, but rather not making the multiple-orgasm goal the focus of your sexual encounter. Focus on the experience, instead, on your partner and on how they are making you feel. Don’t forget that enjoying yourselves is the purpose here, and that you’re not competing in the Orgasm Olympics.

4. Experiment
Ok, so you know that this-and-that position can make you orgasm, but who knows how many others can help you achieve that performance? You never know how it will make you feel, until you try it, which is why it is important (and healthy!) to change it up and try new things. When something is not working for you or you’re stuck in a sexual rut, flip things around, modify positions and experiment with what feels good.

5. Toy story
Toys are not only for the kinky or adventurous, and they can prove themselves to be indispensable tools in your multiple-orgasm pursuit. Not that you can’t achieve multiples without them, but they can definitely introduce you to new sensations and bring you to unexplored heights of pleasure.

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