Tips for Simultaneous Orgasm

The ultimate goal of a partnered sexual encounter and popular myth fueled by movie scenes, mutual orgasms don’t rear their head very often, mainly because of the difference in timing that occurs between men and women’s orgasms. It’s difficult, but not impossible, and you can increase your chances with the right moves.

  1. Speed things up

It’s always the man who seems like he is in a hurry to get to the finish line, but he doesn’t have to cross it alone, if he takes the time to help his partner speed up the pace of her own pleasure. Introducing a toy, such as a vibrator, into your sex life, can do wonders for her orgasm and the speed at which she gets there. Better yet, stimulate her in multiple ways at the same time, with the help of the toy, to cut down on the time it takes her to reach climax.

  1. Slow things down

Given the fact that women usually take longer to climax, the couple may get positive results if they slow the pace a little bit. Or at least, he does. Holding out is not the easiest task in the world, but he can delay his own orgasm by not engaging in overly-vigorous penetration and focusing on her pleasure, until she’s ready to go. Only can he get his own release.

  1. Multiply

Let’s get scientific. By following simple math, your probability for a mutual orgasm increases, the more orgasms you produce in each other. So basically, the more orgasms the both of you have, the more likely you are that you end up climaxing together, by sheer statistical probability. So work at it and give each other multiple orgasms and you should absolutely get to have one together. It’s science!

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