Top Sexting phrases that will make him think of you all day!

Try texting one of these to your man and he will think of you all day!

  • Thinking of you makes me so wet
  • I can’t wait to get my lips around your…
  • I’m such a naughty girl for thinking about you like this
  • I want to be BAD tonight!
  • I want to take all of you in me
  • I am not wearing any socks. And I have the panties to match
  • Your body is what makes you sexy. Your smile is what makes you pretty. But your personality is what makes you beautiful.
  • I have sex with you a lot in my head
  • I licked it, so it’s mine.
  • You look like a hard worker. I have an opening you can fill.
  • Lets do some “We shouldn’t be doing thing things…”
  • Would you send me some pictures? Pictures you have not sent to anybody else.

Not as sexy but will also trigger the right thought in his head:

  • I was thinking about you in the shower today
  • Are you alone tonight? Want to play a game?
  • What do you want me to wear later tonight?
  • You and me, in the back of my car tonight?
  • If you are tired then I can give you a massage tonight. Let me know where you want my hands to work the most.
  • Next time we see each other, I am going to show you what love is.
  • I wish i could copy and paste you into my bed…
  • Your dessert is HOT and READY for you
  • I will let you see mine if I will get to see yours.

Enjoy! 🙂

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