Two Reasons Why Men Like a Smaller Bust

You see all these people out there getting breast implants in order to have a bigger cup size. This might cause you to think that bigger is better, and you might wonder if guys like only big boobs as well. Well, the truth of the matter is people don’t’ understand what guys like. Guys like both big and small breasts. In this blog post, you’ll find out why some guys prefer women with smaller breasts.

The first thing is they aren’t just looking at the chest. They’re looking at the rest of the body as well. Some women might have a small cup size, but then they make up for it by having a skinny frame and a nice backside. These will help compensate for the lack of breasts, and guys will still be driven wild. Men don’t just like breasts, they like other things as well.

A second thing to think about is thinking beyond the physical. Society put so much emphasis on the body that it’s what most people look at. There is a person there as well, and that’s what guys fall in love with. They may not have big breasts, but then again their personality might shine through regardless of how they look. Remember, it’s not always what’s on the outside that matters, but on the inside too.

If you’re wondering if guys like smaller breasts, the answer is yes. There are so many types of girls out there and there is always a guy that loves that type. So don’t worry about bust size, it isn’t everything when it comes to attraction.

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